The educational sector in India is witnessing a rapid change, formal (K 12 and higher education) and informal (coaching institutions, preschool and vocational courses) sectors of education are growing in demand. This is because education is seen as a step to sustainable development in contributing to the economic growth.

Transformation in Education

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According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation; science, research and technology studies are becoming more significant.

With globalization, the entry of foreign players has leveled the competition standards allowing Indians equipped with enough experience to take on the global market.

Technology enabled learning like M learning or E learning are some tools that open the door for cost efficient courses, distance learning, and open schools within private and government institutes.

The education sector is expanding, and it can be seen as an advantage to the Indian economy because it increases the literacy rate. However, as a result of the increase in class strength, demographics and student attendance has become difficult and time consuming to monitor.

Since the focus is on consistent learning, formative assessment and research to help make India a preferred destination for quality education, technology can be used to make tracking a student’s time and attendance easier and faster.

Use of Biometrics in monitoring student attendance

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With a huge number of students from all parts of the world, falsification of demographics, parent or guardian details or proxy of attendance are bound to happen.

The data base is huge but with biometrics, it is impossible to lose track, duplicate or falsify a student’s personal data. It also makes it possible to track and manage records faster.

Suprema provides various biometric products that are available in biometric devices and software for time and attendance control. These include fingerprint or live scanners, retina scanners, facial recognition and embedded finger modules.

Auto ID India

Auto ID Systems India (A-ID systems), an exclusive distributer of Suprema and Zebra provides ID personalization and electronic security through biometric and identity solutions. It is a prominent name in the Indian Smart Card Industry.