Canteen Management

Canteen Management

The canteen Management System is provided by Auto ID, providing a comprehensive solution and meeting the demands of specific customers. The CMS system was developed using POS terminals that have contactless smart card readers and biometric (fingerprint) sensors for user authentication. The management of one or more canteens operated by several caterers at various locations can likewise be done using a CMS. For standalone, intranet, and web-enabled systems, the program is provided.

The canteen management system offers businesses a complete answer for streamlining their cafeteria management operations. We also provide a solution which is created using POS terminals equipped with biometric fingerprint sensors and contactless smart card readers that are simple to install, use, and maintain. By going paperless, our solutions bridge the gap between a canteen and its operation in a clever, efficient, and quick way.

Every person who uses the canteen for lunch or dinner is recorded in our canteen management system. We deliver a system which maintains a person’s current balance amount as well as the specifics of his or her lunch and dinner. This solution is made to meet the needs of every type of potential user, including businesses, government agencies, schools, and institutions. Our system can be used to give employees access to effective canteen facilities.