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Customized Attendance Management System
Software for Logistics
Challenge : A logistics company with a presence across India needed to collect data from various locations using centralized software on the cloud. However, the software was not compatible with the customer's cloud.
Solution : AID provided a customized software solution that could work on the customer's cloud, enabling the logistics company to implement an attendance management system for approximately 1500 devices. The system included biometric and face dual authentication, and AID delivered the project with top-quality systems on time to the specified location.
Result : The logistics company was able to implement an efficient attendance management system that worked seamlessly across their locations in India, increasing their productivity and improving their operations.
ID Card Printing Solution for State Police
Challenge : The State Police needed a unique printing solution for their staff ID cards that could not be replicated by any outsider.
Solution : AID provided a customized hologram laminate solution that had the State Police logo as a hologram, which was printed and laminated on the PVC cards used as staff ID cards. The security feature was implemented using Bravo CX with a Laminator module to avoid any duplication of cards. AID worked closely with the State Police to ensure that all security measures and guidelines were met.
Result: The State Police were able to implement a secure and tamper-proof staff ID card system that met their specific needs, and AID's efforts made the flow of equipment easy, reducing their workload and increasing their efficiency.
Reliable Attendance Management System Software for Educational Institution
Challenge : An educational institution with 2500 branches across India needed to implement a reliable and authenticated attendance management system for students and staff.
Solution : AID provided a customized software solution on the customer's cloud that communicated with biometric devices installed across India to mark the attendance of students and staff. The data was stored in real time and was authenticated.
Result : The educational institution was able to implement an efficient attendance management system across all its branches in India, reducing manual work and improving productivity.
Precision Aadhaar-Enabled Biometric Devices for Healthcare
Challenge : A government healthcare organization needed to implement an authenticated attendance management system for its permanent staff members.
Solution : AID installed Precision Aadhaar-enabled biometric devices integrated with the organization's existing application. The system stored time-in and time-out data using the Aadhaar number as a verification and authentication code for government staff before punching attendance. Additionally, AID installed card printers on-premises across Kerala for issuing OPD Cards so that beneficiaries could receive loyalty benefits.
Result : The government healthcare organization was able to implement an efficient and secure attendance management system for its permanent staff members and improve the patient experience with OPD loyalty benefits.
Plastic ID Card printers for Retail
Challenge : A large retail chain needed to automate its loyalty/membership program that was previously managed manually with paper cards.
Solution : AID installed Zebra Plastic Card printers at multiple locations across PAN India, enabling the retail chain to print loyalty/membership cards and hand them over to patrons instantly without any delay.
Result : The retail chain was able to improve its loyalty/membership program by automating the process, reducing manual work, and providing a better experience for its customers.
Challenge : Two of the biggest corporate houses in India needed to replace their existing fingerprint + card system with a contactless operation due to COVID-19 concerns.
Solution : AID installed face recognition devices that met the corporate houses' requirements for contactless operation while also increasing data security features.
Result : The corporate houses were able to implement an efficient and secure attendance management system that met their specific needs while also complying with COVID-19 safety protocols.


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Auto ID Systems has been recognized as the No.1 solutions provider for ID card issuance, smart card based solutions and biometric access solutions in the Indian subcontinent. The leadership position has been made possible by partnering with world leaders in the field of ID card printer and biometric device manufacturers such as Zebra and Suprema.
Auto ID Systems, with it’s offices spread across India, is a key player in providing nationwide projects such as Unique Identification Program known as Aadhaar card, voters ID card or Electoral Photo ID Card (EPIC), National Health Insurance Program (RSBY), social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers such as Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), driver’s license & registration certificates, transportation & metro projects such as efare etc. and smart card solutions for banks & financial institutions.