Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Our biometric time and attendance system not only improves workplace security but also protects the working environment and a company’s sensitive data. Additionally, our attendance management system provides secure access control and authorisation by monitoring and maintaining every employee’s entry and exits. Auto ID provides a time and attendance system which offers businesses and enterprises a limitless attendance solution that is widely usable and accessible at various locations. Our biometric system recognizes a person’s physiological characteristics, such as their fingerprint, iris and face detection to record their attendance, preventing any manipulation at work using a proxy.

Auto ID offers a real-time biometric attendance management system in response to the market’s expanding requirement for an advanced and precise attendance system. Our biometric attendance equipment helps businesses and organizations increase productivity and make the best use of their resources. The real-time biometric attendance systems used to track employee attendance also provide the potential to evaluate the return on man-hours invested.