How Time and Attendance Systems Help in Workforce Management

Commercial organizations and industries are always fighting deadlines because of clients’ demands. This is where organizations with better workforce efficiency always score better. Others lose deadlines and miss out on projects when they are not able to manage the workforce efficiently. However, one aspect that can help to assist workforce efficiency is biometric technology. Biometric systems can cut down on buddy punching and employee time theft and improve operational efficiency.


Small businesses set aside only a small budget for installation of time and attendance systems as compared to investing in methods to improve customer retention rates and the like. The presence of one attendance system currently in use in the company also creates a reluctance to switch to a more efficient system.


Nevertheless, time theft by employees is an important issue and, according to research, costs a company about 7% of their payroll. Buddy punching or co-worker marking the attendance for an absent employee happens frequently though it is illegal and unethical.

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

The use of a biometric time and attendance system is a safe and secure method to get employees to mark their attendance and time off from work. They can do these without carrying cards for swiping or remembering passwords.


The employee places his/her finger on a sensor that the system automatically reads (Suprema). The Biostation 2) attendance is however marked only after the fingerprint is verified. Therefore buddy punching will not work here. These systems can also manage high volumes of data.


Biometric systems are free of errors, are very accurate (Suprema Biostation), can be installed quickly and are user-friendly. This can be combined with other automated systems to generate information about the breaks that employees take, arrivals, mealtimes and departures. It also enables organizations to restrict the entry of employees to sensitive areas (Suprema Bioentry W2).


Fingerprint recognition systems work for multiple fingers whereas face recognition and Iris recognition time and attendance systems work only for a single sample per individual.


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