It is a well-known fact that bio-metric systems are useful for the comparison and analysis of personal physiological and behavioral characteristics. The parts of the body scanned to make these measurements are the hands (for fingerprint analysis), fingers, iris, voice patterns, etc. All these help to verify an individual’s identity.

These characteristics measured for an individual are usually unique for them and cannot be stolen or shared, or hacked easily. The characteristics that are stored using bio-metric systems thus help to identify a unique person. Thus using bio-metric systems offer two primary conveniences:

  • Identities cannot be stolen
  • Individuals do not have to track codes/passwords

In case of a business in India, the use of bio-metric systems and the integration of its data with HR management software of the organization is beneficial in a number of ways.  The HR software is used for running different processes of the enterprise in a systematic manner. In addition to this, there should also exist a clear strategy for managing this enterprise.

Nowadays there are apps that help to manage employee attendance with the help of bio-metric device in India and fingerprint device in India. There are two different methods of integrating bio-metric data and HR attendance.

#1: Direct Integration

The bio-metric data is instantly captured and stored on the server. The server is cloud-based. It is connected to the Internet and bio-metric machines.

#2: Integration with a local server as a mediator

A local server is set up to record entries (real-time). The bio metric system fetches the local entries on the intranet. A scheduler is programmed to update HR attendance records at regular intervals. The scheduler is also set to push the data out of the local server to the cloud-based server at regular time intervals.

The app can be configured to work with specific attendance-marking hardware bio metric devices. These hardware devices usually have thumb and face recognition capabilities. An add-on program helps to integrate the devices with the app. The employee details can be usually configured from the form in the app or from the hardware device.

The bio-metric device can be connected to the app by feeding in the static IP and port number of the device into the appropriate screen in the app.

The biggest management advantages of using such an integrated system are:

  • Forgery is reduced to nil
  • There are no managerial overheads

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