Fingerprint scanners are common in attendance control systems these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has grown the awareness of upbringing the contactless systems. Facial recognition technology is a contactless technology that eliminates any physical touch with the attendance system.

Auto iD uses facial recognition technology in a face recognition attendance system in order to identify and verify individuals and check liveness. Also, the systems come out with stylish designs in order to meet your standards. Auto iD provides face recognition systems in India which are much simpler and makes buildings and premises safe and secure.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages that our facial recognition system provides;

Improved & Precise Employee Attendance

Employee attendance plays a major role in any industrial growth. Industrial floor time fraud is one of the most general infractions of work ethics. Hence, automating the facial recognition system helps you to attain improved and precise time tracking of your employees. Also, the system’s powerful algorithm helps to check the whole area online and keep track of the entry and exit times of your workers.

This system enhances your security at the workplace with no use of staff or security officers as accomplices. You can completely eradicate time theft using this top-notch facial recognition technology. Also, the movement of staff can be recorded within a fraction of a second. This saves you a good amount of time and maintains decorum inside the workplace.

Automated Time Recording System

There is an automatic time recording system embedded into the device which allows the biometric monitoring of the entry and departure of the employees or visitors. The strong algorithms can autonomously find and recognize faces and no human involvement or physical confirmation is required. An automated facial recognition and time recording system will completely eradicate the need for human intervention.

Age-Related Alterations and Accessories for Facial Recognition

They are very resilient and recognize faces with various facial characteristics based on several data points. The systems screen the faces even with a face mask altering facial characteristics such as beards, glasses etc. Facial biometric authentication software and flutter real-time face recognition allow lively detection of faces.

The Need for Touchless Sign-In Systems

Reducing physical contact has become the new norm after the pandemic, especially in the workplace. Employee safety is a must for any company for a smooth run. Definitely, there has been an uncompromised surge in contactless technology in recent years. The industries and workplaces have realized the advantages of facial recognition and the use of contactless attendance systems to cut short the spread of viruses.


We have reached a point where they need for facial recognition technology in workplaces has become inevitable. We at Auto iD distribute the best biometric devices in India and face recognition systems in India that make use of the high-end technologies that fit into your workplace. For more information or schedule a free consultation to acquire services that are specifically suited for you and assist your customers to have a smooth onboarding journey, feel free to reach us.