A Visitor Management System enhances occupant safety in the post-covid workplace. Most modern businesses come across guest visits daily. Maintenance operators come in to fix issues, clients come in for business meetings, and on occasions, friends and family members pop in for a visit. Also, candidates may rush in for the interviews held at your space.

Frequent visitors to your place become more vulnerable to theft and other criminal activities which may threaten your employee’s safety. Track the in and out of your visitors at your organization and ensure occupant safety by initiating responsible personnel.

We still can find many businesses relying on outdated measures such as a visitors record book. However, there are innovative technology tools that make Visitor Management System in chennai safer and more efficient. In a post-pandemic workplace, these tools become inevitable for businesses to safeguard and maintain wellbeing.

What is visitor management?

visitors authentication & management solution in India refers to all the processes involved in a welcoming, processing, and keeping track of visitors to a building. It is the system identified by technologies of modern-day to track and manage the safety and security of everyone in the building.

A VMS can be integrated with existing security systems, such as access control and speed lanes, providing enhanced safety and security assurance.

Access control for visitor management

These systems are basically used for tracking and monitoring the entry and exit of the staff, but they can be utilized to secure your visitors too. Integrating an access control system with a VMS provides enhanced safety and security. Our high-end systems help you cut-off administrative tasks and enable a smooth visitor experience overall.

Keycards and guest badges for visitors will leave the building open to risks. In short, access control for visitors should be simple, safe, and reliable.

Ensuring a contactless visitor experience

Visitor passes can be issued through e-mail or SMS. Also, visitor credentials can be set to expire within a defined time. Permit pre-defined access to certain departments or areas of the building.

Our systems promote contactless access control to ensure a safe and hands-free experience for the visitors. It’s important for companies to enrich these systems when we are welcoming people back after the pandemic. A visitor can simply walk through the defined department of the organization and can get access with their smartphone in hand.

Health screening

These screening questionnaires could be completed on a mobile device or at home before even arriving at the building. A quick thermal scan for your visitor helps you understand whether a visitor can enter the building or not.

These safety measures signify your organizational standards and visitors feel the freedom of safety.

Benefits of visitor management

A good VMS has a multitude of other benefits, including:

Enhanced Workplace Safety- Contactless check-in process with touchless access points and additional safety measures such as health screening helps both staff and the visitors to feel and safeguard themselves.

Improved Efficiency- Visitors can have hassle-free access with their smartphones. Also, sync your meeting management systems with the VMS for enhanced automatic updates.

A more personalized visitor experience – Visitors no longer have to queue at reception during peak times to gain access to the building. Also, visitor journeys can be kept simple, smooth, and personalized.

Ensure emergency evacuation- Know the exact number of people in the building with an efficient VMS and ensures hassle-free evacuation.

Increased compliance- Manage your visitors and handle them securely and properly with an efficient VMS.  Also, put an end to the high risky process of manual collection of visitor data.

Optimized capacity- Ensure a limited no of people inside the workspace to maintain social distancing and other norms.


In a post-Covid world, occupant safety and wellness are of paramount importance. Comply with an efficient VMS for benefitting beyond expectations. For the high-end innovative visitor management systems in India that fulfill your requirements, free to reach us.