Auto ID India’s principle Suprema, Global leader of Biometrics and security will showcase their world fastest and advanced Face Recognition technology, FaceStation 2 in INTERSEC 2017.

At this show Suprema will showcase their much awaited FaceStation 2, flagship of suprema, this device is designed to meet both access control and time and attendance applications. The new Facestation 2 loaded with the Suprema’s new Face Recognition Technology features world’s best performance in terms of matching speed, user capacity and operating luminance.


FaceStation 2 can match upto 3000 matches per second (ultra-Fast performance), which makes this device as the world’s fastest face recognition technology in its class.

Enhanced Algorithm:

FaceStation 2 has been improved by enhanced algorithm, new optical structure and quad core CPU. As the result matching speed has been increased by 300% than FaceStation(Predecessor).


New Face Recognition Technology, overcomes the possible interference of dynamic lighting condition like sunlight and ambient lights. This new technology allows the users to operate at greater range of operating luminance from 0 lux to 25000 lux which covers almost all the possible lighting conditions from indoor to outdoor, day to night.

Hanchul Kim, Director at Suprema stated that ‘The recent advances of our face recognition technology clearly reflect Suprema’s leadership in biometrics as well as our commitment in the Middle East market. Our focus of developing this new technology is to fulfill increasing demand of highly secure biometric authentication in time & attendance applications. Suprema’s 2nd generation face recognition far outpaces all current technologies in terms of matching speed and accuracy and, moreover, our technology offers greater practicality and robustness by offering increased operating luminance, height range and user capacity,’

This advanced face recognition device, FaceStation 2, will be available in India in short period of time, Auto ID India will be the sole distributor of FaceStation 2 like any other Suprema’s biometric devices in India.

Auto ID India’s goal as a technology house is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary and our core strength help us to achieve this. Our objective is to find most innovative solution to suit the need of our customers. This is achieved through the development of in house solutions and customization of existing ones.