Work Space Management

Work Space Management

Booking the right meeting room can be a challenging task. It is not just about finding any available room, but one that meets all your specific criteria, including the right equipment, seating capacity, and accessibility for visitors. Our Work Space Management solution makes meeting room management and scheduling efficient and convenient with a host of features.

Our solution, Kuiq Meeting, provides a seamless workflow that allows you to search, view, and book rooms based on your exact needs. With built-in signage systems and inbuilt RFID readers, you can display meeting-related information and capture meeting attendance while getting an admin dashboard to seamlessly view information and track approvals. Our solution provides easy integration with existing systems and provides mobile access.

Solution Features
  • Compatible with Android or Windows Devices
  • Deploy Internet or Intranet
  • On-Premise or On- Cloud
  • Role-based approval
  • Policy-based room utilization
  • Remote Device Management
  • Battery Operated
  • Cable Free
  • PortableVisitor Badge
  • QR Code Generation
  • Host Notifications
  • Intelligent Visitor Management
  • Time Status
  • ePaper (Dynamic Meeting Delegate Labels



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