VAMS- Visitors Authentication & Management Solution

VAMS is the most advanced Visitor Management System in the market today which allows organizations to register the visitors, issue the badges, monitor and control their movement at the premise. It allows registration of the visitors within a short time, verifies their identification documents and verify the blacklist before issuing the visitor badges.

Standalone and Web-based:

VAMS comes with two versions. Web-based VAMS CORPORATE (CORP) & VAMS LITE.
Hence it can address all the types of customers in the market.


Visitor Dashboard:

The details of how many visitors are signed IN and OUT and the number of visitors IN at any moment is easily available in the executive dashboard.

Smart Pre-registration:

Host can pre-register the visitors and the system will send the QR Codes to the visitors for easy check-in.

Photo and Signature Capture:

VAMS enables the capture of visitor photos and signature if needed to issue photo badge or store in the database.

Evacuation Ready:

System generates emergency report of the visitors within the premise at the time of emergency evacuation.

National ID and Passport Integration:

VAMS can read the data from many National IDs and Passports for easy and authentic data capture at the time of check-in.