SQR Offline Validation Solution

AutoID’s Solution with Zebra QR Scanner


Zebra’s DS2208 and DS8108 Scanners are STQC certified and so it is Authorized by UIDAI to use for scanning the Secure QR Code.


The AutoID’s Software

  1. Reads the Secure QR code,
  2. decodes the data
  3. and validates it with Digital Signature on real-time and offline.

  1. This AutoID’s software can be further customized to integrate with customer desktop or web application for export of the data with photo.
  2. The User given mobile number and email ID can be authenticate using the AutoID’s software with QR Code and the result (matched or not) can be shared to the customer application.

Applicable cases

  1. Form filling for admission, where the applicant attaches his identity proof. The applicant can be asked to attach the e-aadhaar document laser print out. The authority can scan using AutoID’s application and authorize the documents.
    • Banking account opening form.
    • Banking Loan application form.
    • School or College admission.
    • Hotel room booking at the counter.
    • HR process for employee recruitment.
  2. It can be integrated with Visitor management system of highly secure zone. The security guard can scan this Secure Aadhaar QR code and match the details and photo with the person. All this happens in offline and instantaneously.

Basically, this solution can be used wherever there is need to establish identity of the person who can carry Secure Aadhaar QR Code. This solution makes the authorization easy, offline and instantaneous.