Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Suprema BioSign is optimized iteration of Suprema's world best biometric algorithm developed for mobile devices to offer unrivalled recognition accuracy and ultra-quick authentication performance while accommodating multiple sensor sizes.
BioSign offers uncompromising security with highest accuracy that results in lowest error rate. Utilizing Suprema’s special fingerprint techniques at each or the critical pre-processing, feature extraction and matching stages, it ensures highest level of security with ease of access through use of biometrics.
  • Anti-blur noise reduction

  • Pattern noise removal

  • Ridge-valley contrast enhancement

Feature Extraction
  • Perfect ridge restoration

  • Proprietary entropy-based feature point extraction

  • Precise feature point localization
  • Quick search by feature point pairing

  • Learning-based fusion of level 1/2/3 features

  • Elastic matching robust to distortion

  • 3D multi-layer template matching

  • Template update by online learning