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How Schools in India can use Student Attendance Management System

How Schools In India Can Use Student Attendance Management System

Attendance is an inevitable part of any class, marking it perfectly has got many important reasons. As significant as attendance is, it consumes a lot of class time and doesn’t contribute to student progress.

Automatic Attendance System

An automatic attendance system basically records the student attendance at an educational institution. Relying upon an attendance management system, teachers can track, store, and monitor student attendance history, making the classroom more productive.

The educators & students get their individual logins & password that could be used to mark & record their daily attendance at a centralized location.

You can save class time with a student attendance system and find out meaningful patterns in order to monitor student performance around key metrics and contribute toward student security.

Some of the ways in which attendance can be automated are –

All of these save time, reduce teacher workload and streamline the process of attendance management. Rely upon the best attendance management system in India for your schools today.

Advantages of the Attendance Management System

These are some of the advantages that schools find the best when relying upon an efficient attendance management system.

Reduced Hassles in Teaching Process

An efficient student attendance management system will reduce the efforts taken by teachers and can concentrate more on the portions. It eliminates paperwork, manual attendance and time wastage and enables teachers to focus more on the class instead.

Improvement In Student Outcomes

Attendance is directly linked with student success; a good attendance improves student outcomes as it keeps them in the loop with the curriculum. There will be a certain hike in student attendance when parents are involved in between.

With an automated attendance management system, parents can be directly looped in the student’s learning journey, as the student attendance can be conveyed via mobile app or SMS. This will help parents to ensure security and the importance of constant touch, resulting in student learning outcomes.

Higher Institutional ROI

With an efficient student attendance management system, a school, college, or university can save thousands of rupees per month. If a teacher has seven lectures a day and marks attendance for each lecture for 10 minutes, then nearly 70 minutes are consumed marking attendance. Every day, marking attendance requires 58 hours if there are 50 teachers in the institution.

Teachers can easily reduce 58 hours to 1 hour, and the time they save can be used to improve student outcomes.

Improved Accuracy & Accessibility

You can be sure that the attendance data is accurate and error-free since it is automated. Once attendance is marked, the data is stored in the student attendance management system, where anyone with access can view attendance details. Using this feature is especially useful when looking for a specific student or analyzing trends.

Student attendance records are required by compliance & accreditation agencies such as The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), which can be tedious to calculate manually. Everything is simplified & streamlined with the online attendance management system.

Enhanced Student Security

As role-based access is provided to attendance management systems, the data captured by the app, biometrics, or RFID devices is guaranteed not to be manipulated. Data is protected by multiple layers of security as well as strong encryption, making it unlikely to be compromised.

In addition, you can inform parents or guardians of their child’s arrival or absence by sending automated SMS, email, or app notifications. Informed parents ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the student’s whereabouts and well informed.

Analytics-Enabled System

Attendance monitoring systems are necessary primarily so you can analyze student performance based on attendance data. You can instantly view accurate graphical data about anything and everything with dashboards.

With the attendance data dashboard, you can determine the attendance trends for your institution, for a particular class, a particular subject, or even for a specific student. You can track the attendance of a class of students for a month. The graph makes it easy to see if attendance is increasing, decreasing, or almost unchanged.

The manual compilation of these reports requires nearly 80-man hours, which includes mapping hundreds of students with their classes and subjects as well as compiling other reports for teachers.


Conclusion of the results based on the analysis, make sure you do the needful to constantly monitor student performance and improve student outcomes. To know more about how you can deploy an biometric attendance management system in India or make use of an attendance dashboard, Contact Auto iD Systems.

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