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How Can Your Business Benefit From Employee Attendance and Time Systems.


Employee Time and Attendance Machines / Systems in India

Employee attendance and time systems are essential to stop time theft. A lot of time is lost when employees do not report on time for work, take breaks or leave home early from work. All this translates to money that is lost for the business/organization. The best way to keep your business from losing that money is to install attendance and time systems in the office/factory. There are many benefits that you can get by installing these systems. Some of them are briefly detailed below:

Control Time Theft

Time and attendance software helps you to keep track of employees’ attendance records. It is also not possible for another employee to act as a proxy for someone else when using these systems.

Track Business Metrics

When you install time and attendance software, there are many metrics of the business that you can keep track of. You can be aware of the number of employees that are present on a specific day, common lunchtimes, the duration of leave days taken by different employees, overtime details, etc.

Automatic Reports

You can e reports of employee activities even when you are not present in the office. Ems with employee late arrivals, absence etc., can be printed automatically.

Less Error-prone

Manually filling entry and exit times in an attendance sheet is prone to errors and can cause calculation errors. This translates to wrong salary calculations and tends to prove costly in the long run. Employee time and attendance systems are devoid of all such errors.

Integration With Payroll Systems

Employee time and attendance systems can be integrated with the company payroll systems and the complete procedure of marking attendance and thereafter calculating salary on that basis becomes automated. There arises no need to collect time logs, leave statements, etc.  An immense amount of data entry work, errors and waste of time and other resources can thus be avoided.

More Flexibility

he absence of the payroll manager during salary disbursement period is no longer a matter of concern once the entire the attendance and payroll process is automated. The employees will still get paid on time.

Time and attendance systems are among the better solutions to measure the actual working hours that an employee puts in and prevents time theft.

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