Finger Printing in Mobile Environment

Suprema Multi-dynamic Range (MDR) Technology

Suprema India - MDR TechnologyFinger Printing in Mobile Environment

Compared to the fingerprint access control devices installed in a fixed position, fingerprint authentication scanners are more likely to be used in a varied positions and locations. In particular, light (ambient light), Among those environmental factors, light condition around the scanner creates greater influence and often causes decrease in quality of captured fingerprint images.

Suprema developed industry’s unique multi-dynamic range (MDR) technology to ensure consistency in quality of fingerprint images regardless of lighting conditions and moisture level of finger skin. Suprema’s patented MDR technology is available in selected BioMini models, namely BioMini Plus 2, BioMini Combo and BioMini Slim. MDR technology delivers greater benefits to mobile authentication applications where fingerprint scanners are connected with mobile devices in varied locations and positions.

MDR (Multi Dynamic Range) Technology

Suprema’s patented MDR technology works in similar mechanism to HDR of cameras. With Suprema’s unique image processing algorithm, MDR technology smartly blends high-brightness images and dark images of the same object to gain optimal image quality regardless of lighting conditions.

The fingerprint image acquisition methods exquisitely enhances bright and dark part of the image hence produces optimal result without any loss in details. With the MDR technology, BioMini scanners can produce uncompromised image quality even under direct sunlight of up to 100,000 LUX.

You can also obtain the optimal image, without any problems even in dry or wet fingers. MDR technology makes the highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker with your fingerprints. This can help you fine-tuned fingerprint images acquired in accordance with express contrast.

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