BioEntry W2

Being Indians we are not ready to compromise our security and privacy. While Suprema’s all biometric products feature in optimum manner, here are the 5 reasons why BioEntry W2 is most aggressive in Indian Biometric fingerprint Industry.

Weather & Climate:

BioEntry W2
Fastest Outdoor biometric access control device

BioEntry w2 is the rugged fingerprint access control device, this device is suitable for invasive moisture, dust and even Liquids. This is optimal choice for the outdoor environment in countries like India. Even at the harsh environment BioEntry W2 will be protected by its meticulous sealing and extra engineering effort from Suprema. This is the dust and water proof access control device (IP 67).

Work Environment:

Our work environment is different from western countries. To save time we often use the devices in rugged manner and also sometimes we are supposed to place the devices in open environment. BioEntry W2 is able to give its best performance even at the high level of impact and makes this device as the vandal resistant. Due to the ingress protection, BioEntry W2 is the perfect solution for outdoor applications in India.

High memory Capacity & Processing Speed:

India is the hugely populated country, and also lot of entrepreneurs are arising in India and there is lot of people showing their contribution in manufacturing and service sectors. BioEntry W2 supports the Indian situation with 1.2 GHz Quad core processor that enhances the user experience by offering world’s best matching speed and quick response time for users. And also due to the diverse authentication standards in India, this device is designed to match this need. BioEntry W2 supports the both LF & HF RFID including all RFID standards that HID multiclass readers support. It supports all the RFID Card standards such as MIFARE, HID, iCLASS, DESFire, FeliCa, HID Prox, EM and NFC. This is the most fastest outdoor fingerprint access control device in India.

Live finger Detection:

BioEntry W2 supports the Suprema’s new Live Finger Detection Technology. This is the most advanced algorithm present in India. This technology implements the liveliness decision engine using dual light source imaging. Infra red and white light are the two lights that blocks the fake fingerprints made of various materials like silicon, clay, rubber, glue, paper and so on.

PAN India support from AutoID India:

Auto ID India is the sole distributor of Suprema biometric devices. We are having offices along the length and breadth of the country. Auto ID India’s goal as a technology house is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary and our core strength help us to achieve this. Our objective is to find most innovative solution to suit the need of our customers. This is achieved through the development of in house solutions and customization of existing ones.
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