Contactless Business solutions to continue after lockdown

We are becoming more conscious of the surfaces we touch. We are worried about the hygiene and cleanliness of surfaces. Conventional biometric solutions might need to be replaced by contactless solutions for the future. ScreenCheck, pioneers in the contactless biometric system provider briefs about the contactless biometric and how it can help control the pandemic.


The security industry is gaining a new form of growth in the midst of the pandemic. The pandemic has brought new health and safety compliance norms with the spread of infection. Face recognition, body temperature detections or mask detection solutions are being rampantly used by various companies for the safety of their employees and to contain the spread. The government while trying to ease the lockdown, it is essential that businesses to run during this adverse time needs to strictly follow norms and regulations put forward.


Looking forward to this, PramaHikVision’sMinMoe terminal uses complex algorithms to recognize faces and to scan the body temperature. PramaHikVision is a leading video security provider in India. Various statistics show that Indian security solution market is expected to grow a quarter more in 2020. This growth is expected to happen even after setting up new health and safety compliance norms and emerging security requirements. Customers are looking for security solutions that are of low risk and have started to look upon brands that are reliable. Zenatix, a part of Hero Electronix offers internet of things products and is one of the leaders in providing such security products. Their access control product named ZenSafe, which is cloud-based, allows personnel to control multiple terminals. The product can be integrated with the already existing HR management system. The company also makes a product named ZenMonitor which allows detection of body temperature and sends them to the cloud for comparison.


Large companies are hiring workforce management solutions to deal with the challenges of lockdown. They are implementing social distancing norms, work from home policies and other conditions are making business more virtualized. Despite the economic slowdown and various financial crunches, businesses which are growing and loyal are making rigorous plans to hold on to their workforce, maintaining communication and engagement their priority.


It has been noted that HR automation space in Asia was at Rs 27,000- 30,000 crore market pre-covid but the market price has gone three-fold and expected to rise in 2020-2021. Indian share in this would be around Rs 7,500 crore according to various surveys. In the post, Covid scenario is expected to be 2x in India.


Automated IT processes for onboarding/offboarding employees have been in stage for quite some time but have accelerated exponentially during the lockdown. Inbound enquiries have increased 2.5 times compared to pre-covid times which has caused more revenue estimates for the year 2020. There is also a new trend of start-ups using automation which was previously done by conventional business organizations. Prospective companies have also started to make faster decisions which ideally took 2-3 months before.


Amara Raja Group, a multi-dimensional corporate company, has quickly adapted to lockdown policies. Amara Raja has a workforce of 16,000 employees which was managed well during the lockdown through various processes like recruitments, information access, e-learning and internal collaboration in place. The group had a detailed 3-5 year plan which was speeded up due to COVID. The company is using its We@AR location-tracking and Zippi collaboration platform to all employees so that they were all connected remotely. 400- 500 employees had to be present at the workplace at Amara which was handled by people safety management app. The communication has made anxiety at ease providing every employee with great morale.


Today, an employee automation company, has included a feature where one can know when an employee is visiting the supervisor and at what time. During the lockdown, IT asset allocation had to be redesigned so that essential requirement was sent to employees’ locations. ScreenCheck, one of the best biometric solution providers, is helping many businesses around the globe to fight the lockdown in the most effective way through their comprehensive solutions and products.


Screencheck has been providing contactless biometric systems for quite some time. At present, the demand is high and has requested manufacturers to deliver more biometric systems. Walk into Screencheck showroom and order your contactless security device today.