Concerns about hybrid cloud security

Screencheck, leading biometric security providers in the Middle East examines the future of hybrid cloud security and the possibilities of its adaption to the conventional security system.

The international report named Secure SD-WAN: The launchpad into the cloud studies about Software-Defined Wide- Area Network (SD-WAN). The report was completed after rigorous surveys done among various global IT decision-makers. The report always discusses data acquisition preferences, variations by industry and a variety of related issues. The report concludes with the explanation about fully-integrated, secure SD-WAN that is currently well used. In India, various companies have deployed software-defined wide-area networks to secure public cloud or expected to deploy in a year’s time.


Vason Bourne is an independent market researcher who collected responses from various organisations, from over 700 executives, individual contributors and team managers about cloud infrastructure. The report says that around 62% of Indian companies have experienced an increase in network flexibility, 51% experienced improved connectivity and 57% increased network security after deploying SD-WAN. The report also notes that nearly half of the companies in India are concerned with its security, 41% about securing data in transit and 38% companies feel that it would be tedious to integrate cloud with legacy technology.


Screencheck, one of the pioneering biometric solution provider connects with Mr Murali Urs on his statement on the public cloud. He states that as many organisations are shifting to the public cloud which can provide a smoother and secured-integrated network for cloud deployments. They fear cyberattacks and losing on sensitive and mission-critical data. SD-WAN technology is critical when it comes to securing cloud deployments. He concludes that by deploying an all-in-one secure SD-WAN solution natively built into the public cloud network, organisations can reap the full benefits of the public cloud.


58% of organisations in India are firm about their decision on acquiring an SD-WAN solution from a cloud provider. 18% expect to get SD-WAN from independent vendors while just 10% entrust it to a telecommunication partner. Apart from this, 14% rely on value-added resellers. Indian businesses prefer simplicity and knowledge as their driving factors for acquisition. Organisations prefer Microsoft Azure for their public-cloud platform than Amazon AWS Web services and Google Cloud Platform. Azure is top-notch when it comes to security and user-friendliness as the key features for its wide acceptance.


The study puts a light on adoption rates for the public cloud which continues to grow with improved flexibility and security of the network. These are considered as the major roadblock when volume and variety of threats are addressed by many companies today. SD-WAN solutions can be used for connectivity and security concerns for the public cloud. Professionals in the IT sector believe that the cloud provider’s native security solutions may not be able to provide full-on capabilities and needs to collaborate with third-party providers to help overcome adoption barriers.