Card Personalisation

Card Personalisation

Components of a competitive card product (specifically, card type, set of personalized applications) are bound to change as the time passes. The operational environment that impacts personalization may also change: a set of personalization equipment, personalization data sources and format. Payment systems specifications are also bound to change, new applications and better card types are likely to appear.
It is likely that in the near future loyalty and other additional applications will be an integral part of a competitive card product. Card personalization management process is adjusted and customized in accordance with the requirements of a certain system. In case new card applications require new data sources or personalization information has to be processed in some special way, necessary modifications to the system can be implemented at low cost and minimal time.
Card Personalisation an optical and electrical personalization transforms the smart card to an individual one. This often is accompanied by related services, such as card carrier personalization, mail fulfilment and packaging
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