Bene RFID Asset Tagging Solution

Bene Asset Tracking Solution

Performing accurate and timely asset inventory is mission critical and any grey area will affect the bottom line of your business. Bene Asset Tracking solution platform is purpose-built for asset management and inventory control using RFID technology that delivers both value and performance.

Bene Asset Tracking solution combines durable RFID tags and Smartphones and is more intuitive than the other barcode systems. When you deploy Bene Asset, you will receive instant visibility into your asset’s location and when an asset has moved.

It is a cost effective RFID asset tracking solution designed to provide real-time location and status visibility of all assets. Assets are tagged with an appropriate UHF Gen 2 RFID tag and fixed RFID infrastructure is used to automatically check assets in and out. Handheld readers are used in conjunction to perform a range of logistical processes.


Cloud and On-premise Software:

Bene Asset software is flexible to deploy on the cloud or within the premise; depending on the customer requirements. The web based enterprise application is designed to handle any number of concurrent users, unlimited assets and transactions.

Executive Dashboard:

The Dashboard provides quick preview data of the assets, locations and movements. This helps in quick decision making and trend analysis.

Floor Map Integration:

Bene Asset software can integrate with floor map of the customer office/building with multiple floors. Application checks Asset history and displays movement of the asset in an animated way. This feature will enable to understand the movement & last seen location of the assets.

Extensive Reports:

Bene Asset reporting Module is designed to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for generating reports with multiple search criterias. The reporting module has been built based on client needs for access to the information that enables them quick decision making.

Multiple Mobile Reader Compatibility:

Bene Asset solution is designed to support android based mobile RFID devices. Mobile application comes Pre-integrated with the leading RFID mobile readers in the market. Just pair the RFID Bluetooth-enabled devices with a compatible mobile device and you’re ready to go. Real-time or batch mode connection to backend systems.

Fixed Reader Integration:

Bene Asset solution is designed to support with Impinj RFID fixed readers. Impinj Fixed RFID gateways provide always-on tracking. This will enhance security for high value items at zone level or real-time asset identification and movement.