The shopping habits of Indians vary from each other, thus makes understanding and categorizing customer behavior difficult for retailers.

However, work- related transport in the busy urban cities of India is a common problem. The quicker way is too expensive and the cheapest way is time-consuming.

As Indians are choosy when it comes to their expenses, spending mostly on transportation seems irrational but necessary.

Thus, public transport is encouraged to reduce travel expenses and pollution, but faster modes are still the most preferred; Also, private vehicles owners are reluctant to pay additional costs for public transport.

Need for Loyalty cards in public transport sector

Loyalty cards help build customer relationships when used strategically and wisely. Any reward is hard to refuse but it only makes sense if the loyalty card is used regularly.

If used in public transport, regular commuters can benefit from rewards gained from their expenses while helping the environment.

Since Indians are bombarded with many cards that they never use, they will be reluctant to get a loyalty card. Transportation however, is a necessity and quality, durable loyalty cards can be used regularly in the sector.

Zebra ZXP Series 7 printer

The ZXP Series 7    printer works in a wide range of environments and applications, generating quality color prints in a short time.

The printer can perform edge-to-edge card printing and single/dual sided printing, while the laminator ensures security and durability of the cards and provides waste-less printing.

Three jobs, namely encoding, printing and laminating can be done enabling ease of integration and low maintenance by the high-capacity media, ribbon and laminate rolls which are synchronized and customizable. Options include UHF encoding and wireless connectivity.

With a mechanical FIFO output hopper, the ZXP Series 7 Pro is capable of printing 250 plastic cards at once and comes standard with a magnetic encoder.

Auto ID India

Auto ID Systems India (A-ID systems), an exclusive distributer of Suprema and Zebra, provides ID personalization and electronic security through biometric and identity solutions. It is a prominent name in the Indian Smart Card Industry.