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biometric access control solutions in Chennai

Top 4 Trends and Innovations in Biometric Technology

Chennai is one of the upcoming innovative cities in the world when it comes to technology innovation. With the increasing demand for modern security solutions, the need for biometric access control systems and verification systems has been on the rise. In this article, we will explore the latest updates in...

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How Schools In India Can Use Student Attendance Management System

How Schools in India can use Student Attendance Management System

Attendance is an inevitable part of any class, marking it perfectly has got many important reasons. As significant as attendance is, it consumes a lot of class time and doesn’t contribute to student progress. Automatic Attendance System An automatic attendance system basically records the student attendance at an educational institution. Relying...

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Facial Recognition Technology At Workplace

Facial Recognition Technology at Workplace

Fingerprint scanners are common in attendance control systems these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has grown the awareness of upbringing the contactless systems. Facial recognition technology is a contactless technology that eliminates any physical touch with the attendance system. Auto iD uses facial recognition technology in a face recognition attendance system...

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Access Control Systems In India

Making Smart Building with Access Control systems in India

Make your building smart for the future. Every establishment is confined inside a building. It is essential to secure the building and resources from any external factors that can destroy the establishment. Therefore, it’s important to install access control systems to monitor building and also to manage the workforce. Every nation...

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Attendance Machine

Finding the Right Time Attendance machine

Prompt and Spacious time attendance machineNew age time attendance machines have become an essential in every business. Creating an ordered environment for a smooth work culture is a must now. Read more about how security systems differ and which one you need to choose.Every business, whether a start up...

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Biometric Integration and HR Attendance

It is a well-known fact that bio-metric systems are useful for the comparison and analysis of personal physiological and behavioral characteristics. The parts of the body scanned to make these measurements are the hands (for fingerprint analysis), fingers, iris, voice patterns, etc. All these help to verify an individual’s...

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Workforce Management

How Time and Attendance Systems Help in Workforce Management

How Time and Attendance Systems Help in Workforce Management Commercial organizations and industries are always fighting deadlines because of clients’ demands. This is where organizations with better workforce efficiency always score better. Others lose deadlines and miss out on projects when they are not able to manage the workforce efficiently....

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Which ID Card Printer Ribbon Am I to Use

Which ID Card Printer Ribbon Am I to Use There are very many types of ID card printer ribbons and it is always an overwhelming job to choose one that is right for your printer. The ribbon manufacturers make a variety of ribbons for different purposes. Unlike paper printers and their...

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