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AutoID prints quality loyalty cards to help busy Indians commute

The shopping habits of Indians vary from each other, thus makes understanding and categorizing customer behavior difficult for retailers. However, work- related transport in the busy urban cities of India is a common problem. The quicker way is too expensive and the cheapest way is time-consuming. As Indians are choosy when it comes to their...

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Biometrics and Food Facility Security

Biometrics and food facility security is protecting processing plants and food manufactures against food contamination and helping to abide with the bioterrorism act. Plant security is a large concern for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, FDA, and the food companies alike. Many mandates have been put in place to...

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AI-D provides fast, durable, high quality ID printers in India

A common challenge Indians face is preserving the condition, security and safety of the hard copies of many important documents needed for future reference. Documents like your Aadhar Identification card (ID), marks cards, college or work ID’s, certificates, Pan card, Voting ID, passport, driving license are only some of the...

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A-ID provides solution for waste management

Trial and error are an important part of learning from your mistakes and building success. When it coming to printing however, following the same principle will generate tons of waste in garbage and money. In India, garbage waste disposal has always been a problem especially, since the rapid development of...

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A-ID systems implements a Biometric Sphere

Would you trust a complete stranger? No, not in financial matters nor in online and digital transactions because mostly one will have no idea of the person they are dealing with. In a technological world full of scams, breaches, identity frauds and duplications, the reliable data of an identity especially in...

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Traditional loyalty schemes are no longer capable of meeting changing customer expectations, which have never been higher. A report published by Drapers and Retail week noted that 79% of customers are demanding an increasingly personalised shopping experience. Customers are now expecting brands to tailor individual loyalty programmes based on...

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