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A-ID systems implements a Biometric Sphere

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Would you trust a complete stranger?

No, not in financial matters nor in online and digital transactions because mostly one will have no idea of the person they are dealing with.

In a technological world full of scams, breaches, identity frauds and duplications, the reliable data of an identity especially in electronic and digital transactions is needed to build a secure environment.

India is a developing economy; hence, it is vital for industries to know their customers and employees. Biometrics makes this possible.


How is Biometrics different?

Biometrics determines a person’s identity not by ID’s, OTP’s, PINs or birth dates but by facial recognition, scanning of the retina or fingerprints and voice recording. This unique data is then compared with the database, making it impossible to duplicate and preventing fraud. The Aadhaar Program (UIDAI) is one example of how biometrics can be used today and why it is significant.


Is biometrics the security of India?

According to the TechSci Research Report, the biometrics market is expected to cross 3 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of around 31% in a span of 5 years, that is, 2016-2021.

Since biometrics is a huge data base containing the personal data of a billion people, three concerns may arise; the performance of a biometric device, its security and its price.

Secure and supercharged

Suprema provides various biometric products with high performance and security at every level at an affordable amount. The features of these biometric devices, systems and software include access control, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

They provide secure authentication and logical security in ATM’s, Door locks, safe locks, POS’s and mobile devices.

Biometric ID solutions like E passport readers can benefit government identification centers or industries.

Being the global leader in biometrics and securities technology, Suprema combines biometric algorithms with engineering.

Auto ID India

Auto ID Systems India (A-ID systems), an exclusive distributor of Suprema and Zebra provides ID personalization and electronic security through biometric and identity solutions. It is a prominent name in the Indian Smart Card Industry.


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