BioLite Solo

Suprema's smallest IP fingerprint terminal with access control and time attendance features

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BioLite Solo is powered by Suprema’s renowned fingerprint algorithm that has been
recognized multiple times by both FVC and NIST MINEX as the best algorithm in the
world. The device delivers fast matching speed and rapid responses while providing
an exceptional low error rate.
The powerful DSP of the device is capable of handling large amounts of data required for
fast and accurate verification while ensuring uninterrupted device operations.

BioLite Solo is a stand-alone biometric access control terminal designed for small business that doesn’t require a complicated access control system. With aid of user friendly interface through Graphic LCD, enrolling and managing users are a breeze. Sophistication of highly secure biometric system, BioLite Solo servers as a next generation in small scale access control.

BioLite Solo packs Suprema’s biometric technology into a simple and slim design exterior. The IP65 rating ensures that the device is exceptionality durable
and reliable in indoor or outdoor settings. Sophisticated biometric technology, advanced features, and an user friendly interface make BioLite Solo an exceptional value for your budget.

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