Face Recognition

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FaceStation - Face recognition and access control

Face Recognition

FaceStation- Attendance Management & Access Control

Face recognition is the advanced technology capable of identifying and verifying the person. It is typically used in security systems as biometric access control and attendance management. As a result of newly emerging trend 2D face recognition terminal has been introduced to increase the accuracy. The main advantage of using 2D is that it is not affected by changes in lightning effects. It is ideal for applications such as Standalone Access Control for Small Office, Networked Security for IBS Buildings, Financial and Research Institutes, Simple Time & Attendance for Offices and Factories and Data Collection for Customer Rewards Management.

Innovation in the Face Recognition


face recognition - access control and attendance management

FaceStation is the most remarkable innovation happened in Facial recognition. Facestation perfectly combines beauty and performance. By providing contactless authentication at near real-time matching speeds, Facestation offers unmatched user convenience and enhanced security synonymous with biometrics. It is ideal for application that require convenient & Secure authentication and can be used in either standalone or network environments.

Real Time Matching

With combined strength of the dual-CPU matching engine and Suprema’s sophisticated face recognition algorithm, FaceStation features real-time matching. Real-time matching grants instant authentication to users, eliminating unnecessary wait at the doors. This superior speed comes at no cost to security, which makes FaceStation a secure and reliable access control and time attendance solution.

Contactless Authentication

FaceStation is built around an idea of establishing convenient biometrics without sacrificing security. Its contactless authentication method provides users with easy access under any light conditions by combining the use of a built-in proximity sensor and Suprema’s patented adaptive IR illumination technology. By applying various advanced fake face detection techniques, FaceStation promises both security and convenience.

Versatile Interface

FaceStation houses a wide range of interface options. TCP/IP and Wi-Fi options that are optimal for large data transmission and more traditional RS232, RS485, USB, and Wiegandinterfaces. It also comes with 4 inputs and 2 relay outputs to control all your peripheral needs. The I/O ports can further be protected and extended using the Secure I/O accessory.

Centerpiece Design

As the winner of the 2012 Detektor International Award in the Innovative Achievement category, FaceStation employs innovation in a gorgeous ergonomic package that focuses on usability, simplicity, and precision. The luxurious exterior of FaceStation will help it serve as a centerpiece of wherever the device is installed, carrying a premium status along with it.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The ultra-wide and clear 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD display provides a simple way for users to control the device. The intuitive GUI makes using FaceStation a breeze, with aids such as the motion guide during user registration. Also, additional hard buttons make the device fitting for applications that are robust and heavy duty as well making the device usable in any situation.

Challenges and opportunities for Facial Recognition

Face recognition technologies have been associated generally with very costly top secure applications. Today the core technologies have evolved and the cost of equipment is going down dramatically due to the integration and the increasing processing power. Certain applications of face recognition technology are now cost effective, reliable and highly accurate. As a result there are no technological or financial barriers for stepping from the pilot project to widespread deployment. Though there are some weaknesses of facial recognition system, there is a tremendous scope in India.

Government and NGOs should concentrate and promote applications of facial recognition system in India in various fields by giving economical support and appreciation.


“FaceStation will open a new era of biometrics. Face recognition is the most convenient and intuitive biometric technology. No touch, no privacy concern and no need for training. Just a glimpse at the device will open a door.  There is no easier way of access control. Face recognition is no more a future technology you can only see in Sci-Fi movies. “

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