BioStation L2 in IFSEC India 2016

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BioStation l2 in IFSEC India 2016

BioStation L2 in IFSEC India 2016

Category : Biometrics

BioStation L2 – Access Control & Time and Attendance

A-ID Systems popularly known as Auto ID is the pioneer in providing solutions to all ID personalization and electronic security needs with its extensive range of products and solutions includes Fingerprint Modules, Biometric Access Control Systems, Visitor Management, Canteen Management, Smart Card Application and Hand Held Readers with a flexibility to integrate with third party applications. Auto Id is the platinum premier partners of world renowned brand ZEBRA & an exclusive distributor of SUPREMA, manufacturer of premium biometric attendance management access control products.

Visit our Stall Hall 9 A49 at IFSEC India 2016 on 8 – 10th December 2016 at Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi. We are the sole distributor of Suprema biometric products on attendance management and access control in India. We are going to display the two brand new products of Suprema Biometric Devices, i.e.., BioStation L2 and Bioentry W2.

Why BioStation L2?

BioStation l2 in IFSEC India 2016
Essential fingerprint terminal that provides comprehensive access control and time attendance features based on Suprema’s next BioStation L2 is the generation biometric and security technology. Designed for all type of access control and time-attendance  applications, BioStation L2 provides exceptional value by combining World’s best Suprema fingerprint algorithm, high performance and enhanced security features.

Feature Highlights

Live Finger Detection:

BioStation L2 features the Live Finger Detection 2.0 from Suprema. The previous live detection technology analyzes the dynamically changing pattern, liveness feature and unnaturalness feature of live and new fingers. Along with improvements to the existing algorithm, the new detection technology implements liveness decision engine using dual light source imaging. Using infra-red and white light, the engine blocks fake fingerprints made from numerous different materials.

Powerful Quad Core Processor:

BioStation L2 embeds the fastest clocked processor to be implemented in our terminals. Abundance of power is utilized for incredible matching speed that can accommodate enterprise size user database. The processor attributes to performance increase in number of aspects from data transfer speed, enhanced image processing, and quick fingerprint authentication.

Full TA Functionality Support:

BioStation L2 converges the benefits of biometrics into time and attendance application. The use of true identity will lead to increased convenience and security to users and administrators. Full capacity touch keypads along with dedicated programmable TA function keys will offer versatility and friendly user experience through full colour LCD display.

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