BioStation A2 | Fingerprint IP Access Terminal

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BioStation A2 | Fingerprint IP Access Terminal

Category : Biometrics

World’s best performing fingerprint IP access terminal

BioStation A2Biostation A2, new product on Biometrics. Biostation A2 is another mile stone for Biometric Industry. It is the most fastest and accurate secure finger print terminal. Suprema, global leader in Biometrics launched the BioStation A2 in Istanbul.

Suprema’s BioStation A2 is the most advanced fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal featuring Suprema’s next generation biometric technology and security platform. BioStation A2 provides class leading performance through World’s best matching performance, uncompromised security and accuracy along with top-notch usability. Preloaded with BioStar 2, BioStation A2 operates as a web server which offers extra flexibility in system design for sites large or small.

Special Features

Unrivalled performance

BioStation A2 features quad-core CPU that clocks at 1GHz with 1GB of RAM. Combined with newly updated Suprema fingerprint algorithm, the device performs staggering 150,000 matches per second, which marks industry best matching performance†. The powerful hardware provides quick responses to user input and smooth UI transitions that is build based on Android OS. BioStation A2 puts its performance to good use with 8GB storage that supports user capacity of 500,000. The terminal can also store up to 5,000,000 event logs and 50,000 image logs so that important data will be safely kept locally even when connection to server is compromised.

Ultra-secure & accurate

BioStation A2 incorporates latest innovation in Suprema biometric technology. The device is the first terminal that features Live Finger Detection technology from Suprema. The technology prevents use of fake fingerprints and demonstrates far better resistance against wide range of fake finger materials than competition during internal testing. The device sports the latest OP5 sensor that captures large and clear fingerprint images with reduced distortion and better contrast uniformity. The sensor also features the latest auto-on feature that extends the life of the sensor with the use of built in proximity sensor. Combined with the latest Suprema fingerprint algorithm, BioStation A2 demonstrates improved accuracy through reduced error rate in normal, dry and moist conditions.

Top-notch usability

BioStation A2’s software is developed based on Android, and adopts the same material design that is native to the OS. The software interacts with the users through its capacitive touch screen that expands 5 inches across the front of the device. The clear and bright IPS LCD screen promises high visibility in all angles and is protected by special reinforced glass surface which allows the fingers to smoothly glide over the UI. The combination of 2MP camera and 24bit Voice DSP extends versatility by adding features such as Face Detection and Video phone. For multiple installation options, the device includes built-in WiFi, PoE, and rich RF card options to choose from.

The following features keep BioStation A2 as the effective and Secure device in the market :

BioStation A2 is the latest innovation on Biometric Industry; it is designed to meet the requirements of both access control and time attendance management. The Biostation A2 device incorporates high quality glass and new gold color finish to meet the premium quality. The BioStation A2 is the first Quad Core Processor terminal in India. This device can match up to One lakh fifty Thousand Finger prints per Second (1,50,000/Sec).

BioStation A2 is the most secure device in the international market today because of its advanced finger print algorithm, new fingerprint sensor and live finger detection technology. The algorithm used in this device helps you by providing the more accurate than ever and it drastically reduces the false rejection rate even in all conditions which are not ideal for capturing fingerprint. It works in all the climatic conditions such as wet and dry.

This device has the new technology which helps to feature new live finger detection technology. This is the most improved algorithm and optical technique that effectively eliminate the possible frauds using various materials of proxy fingers.

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