5 Benefits of Smart Cards In Hospitals

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5 Benefits of Smart Cards In Hospitals

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The smart card in hospital mainly serve 5 benefits like Improved patient identification, effective administration in hospitals, medical records management, raised quality of care & increased liability and security. Let see in detail about the usage of smart cards in hospitals.

Improved Patient Identification:

Verifying patient at the real time is the superior method for confirming the incoming person smart cards are highly reliable and secure identifiers. By using the smart cards hospitals can register identity credentials like PIN, Photo or any biometrics on the card and it will be considered as the most secure access.

Effective Administration in Hospitals:

More often the hospital efficiency are measured by the time and resources required to admit a patient. Manual transcription of important data from handwritten forms will leads to the error, few more challenges are busy waiting rooms, thin staffing levels, language barriers are the most often problems affects the hospital administration. Smart Cards are helpful to reduce the time for admissions and over come all the above challenges. It is helpful to store the accurate and up to date patient information. Smart cards help efficiency gains to hospitals in lower costs.

Medical Records Management:

Synchronizing a patient to the patient’s medical records seems like a simple process but we are humans, human errors often prevents the correct match of patients and records. By using smart cards hospitals can tie a patient with particular medical record by this smart cards hospitals can ensure a more accurate patient record. By using Smart cards redundancy can be avoided effectively.

Raised Quality of Care:

The Core benefit of smart cards in hospitals is a potential reduction in the number of medical errors and the quantity of duplicate medical testing. Even in United States more than  195,000 deaths occurred because of medical error. The ability to accurately link a patient to an medical record reduces the numbers of adverse events and medical errors occurs due to lack of accurate patients information

Increased Reliability & Security:

As smart card are the possession of the patient and because of the information supplied by the providers in an “approved” network with audit capabilities, smart cards can provide the privacy and security. Apart from the above the technology used in the smart cards encrypt the data in hospital security system in order to assure patient’s privacy.

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